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Below you can download a Word file where you will fill out information pertaining to your child.  Each sheet will contain contact information for one or two parents, emergency contact, food allergies, health issues (any and all medications and direction on how to administer).  In the event of an emergency we will follow the same procedures taken in our job.  1) 911 will be called 2) CPR will be administered 3) parents will be called.  •  All this info will be put in a binder and brough on every outing.




It would ideal if all children were dropped off and picked up at MEL’s house.  If your child need picking up or dropping back off, please arrange that a head of time with Gina or MEL.  If there are less than 3 kids signed up for an outing we will take one car.  If more than 3 kids sign up we will take public transit.  If we go as far north as Lynwood or east as Snoqualmie, we will take one car, two if needed.




Each outing will have its own price, based on the event and where we are going.  Each price will include the cost of admission and gas for the outing.  If you would like to send extra money or a money card with your child fill free.  NOTE:  I you can pay in advance before the outing it would be preferred.  3 Days prior is best.  If you need to pay after the outing, please take that up with Gina or MEL.  We prefer Pay Pal or Venmo.


Can Happen

 We will provide 
each parent
with our phone
numbers in
case of an 


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